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Space Shuttle external tank: Quiz


Question 1: The liquid oxygen tank contains a separate, ________ operated, propulsive tumble vent valve at its forward end.
The UndertakerExplosive materialPyrotechnicsFireworks

Question 2: ________, 1981: Crew reports white material streaming past windows during orbiter-external-tank flight.

Question 3: ________, 1992: Bipod ramp loss.

Question 4: The ET thermal protection system consists primarily of sprayed-on foam insulation, plus preformed foam pieces and premolded ________ materials.
SurgeryFire-resistance ratingAblationLASIK

Question 5: the aft liquid ________ (LH2) tank; this is the largest part, but it is relatively light.

Question 6: The Super Lightweight Tank (SLWT) was first flown in 1998 on STS-91 and has been used since with only two exceptions (STS-99 and ________).
Space Shuttle ColumbiaSTS-61-ASpace Shuttle Columbia disasterSTS-107

Question 7: However, three shuttle missions (STS-121,________, and STS-116) have since been conducted, all with "acceptable" levels of foam loss.

Question 8: In its place, a ________ known as HCFC-141b was certified for use and phased into the shuttle program.
HalomethaneChlorofluorocarbonCarbon tetrachlorideChloroform

Question 9: Four ________ located at the top of the liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen tanks monitor the ullage pressures.
Tactile sensorOxsensisPressure sensorCapacitor

Question 10: ________, 1994: Portion of bipod ramp lost.


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