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Space Shuttle Columbia: Quiz


Question 1: Columbia was the only shuttle to have been spaceworthy during the Shuttle-Mir and ________ programs and yet to have never visited either Mir or ISS.
Space habitatInternational Space StationSpace ShuttleTreadmill with Vibration Isolation System

Question 2: Columbia accident in the ________ archive of front page images from 2003-02-02.
Fox News ChannelNewseumWashington, D.C.ABC News

Question 3: Columbia returned to space on January 12, 1986, with the launch of ________.

Question 4:
Where does Space Shuttle Columbia come from?
United States & Sweden
United States
United States, Canada, Australia,
Sicily / United States

Question 5: On March 19, 1981, during preparations for a ground test, two workers were asphyxiated while working in Columbia's ________-purged aft engine compartment, resulting in their deaths.

Question 6: The ________ determined that a hole was punctured in the leading edge on one of Columbia's wings, made of a carbon-carbon composite.
Rogers Commission ReportSTS-128Columbia Accident Investigation BoardSpace Shuttle Columbia

Question 7: It is also named after the Command Module of ________, the first manned landing on another celestial body.
Apollo 13Apollo 11Apollo programApollo 8

Question 8: Until its last refit, Columbia was the only operational orbiter with wing markings consisting of an American ________ on the port (left) wing and the letters "USA" on the starboard (right) wing.
Flags whose reverse differs from the obverseFlags with crossesNordic Cross flagFlag

Question 9: [2] After construction, the orbiter arrived at ________ on March 25, 1979, to prepare for its first launch.
Vandenberg Air Force BaseKennedy Space CenterKennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Question 10: ________, launched on July 23, 1999, was commanded by Lt.


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