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Question 1: In computer character encodings, there is a normal general-purpose space (________ character U+0020; 32 decimal) whose width will vary according to the design of the typeface.
Han unificationUTF-8Universal Character SetUnicode

Question 2: The non-breaking space is expressly non-collapsible and may be used to indent text, though best World Wide Web practice prescribes using ________ for this purpose.
HTMLXHTMLDocument Object ModelCascading Style Sheets

Question 3: There was a brief use of ________ (centred dots) to make reading Latin easier, but that practice was abandoned sometime around the year 200 CE.

Question 4: However, an ________ can optionally be surrounded with a so-called hair space, U+200A (8202 decimal), or thin space, U+2009 (8201 decimal).
DashPrime (symbol)HyphenQuotation mark

Question 5: In American typography, both en dashes and ________ are set continuous with the text (as illustrated by use in the Chicago Manual of Style, 6.80, 6.83–86).
Quotation markPrime (symbol)HyphenDash

Question 6: In ________ syntax, spaces are frequently used to explicitly separate tokens.
Programming languageFunctional programmingProgramming paradigmComputer

Question 7: Spaces were not used to separate words in ________ until roughly AD 600–AD 800.
Roman EmpireOld LatinLatinVulgar Latin

Question 8: ________ defines[2] several space characters with specific semantics and rendering characteristics, as shown in the table below.
Universal Character SetUnicodeUTF-8Han unification

Question 9: is also often used to represent a space in word processing programs such as ________.
Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft OfficeHistory of Microsoft WordMicrosoft Word

Question 10: (In monospaced proofreading copy, only em- and en-spaces are represented using this character (which is called an em-quad or an en-quad), while other types of spaces are represented with a ________
TildeNumber signBracketExclamation mark


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