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Soybean: Quiz


Question 1:
What family does Soybean belong to?

Question 2: Soybeans contain isoflavones called ________ and daidzein, which are one source of phytoestrogens in the human diet.
GenisteinBiochanin APuerarinDaidzin

Question 3:
What is the binomial authority of Soybean?
Milne-Edwards, 1882
Burt-Utley & J. Utley

Question 4: [4][5] The beans contain significant amounts of phytic acid, alpha-Linolenic acid, and the isoflavones ________ and daidzein.
GenisteinBiochanin APuerarinDaidzin

Question 5:
Soybean, Banana and Cannabis are all:
Chinese ingredients Fiber plants Faboideae Edible legumes

Question 6: ________ (ADM) is among the largest processors of soybeans and soy products.
Kraft FoodsArcher Daniels MidlandDeere & CompanyCorn Products International

Question 7:
Soybean, Pomegranate and Coconut are all:
Faboideae Vietnamese ingredients Korean ingredients Edible legumes

Question 8: A high consumption of ________ polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are found in most types of vegetable oil including soybean oil, may increase the likelihood that postmenopausal women will develop breast cancer.
Omega-6 fatty acidOmega-3 fatty acidEicosanoidTrans fat

Question 9: Soybean oil does contain significantly greater amount of ________ fatty acids in the oil: 100g of soybean oil contains 7g of omega-3 fatty acids to 51g of omega-6: a ratio of 1:7.
Omega-6 fatty acidTrans fatUnsaturated fatPolyunsaturated fat

Question 10:
What phylum does Soybean belong to?


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