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Soviet reaction to the Polish crisis of 1980–1981: Quiz


Question 1: They were somewhat reluctant to resort to military countermeasures in Poland, and wary of the danger of repetition of the Polish 1970 protests and of the troubles with the ongoing ________.
Korean WarVietnam WarSoviet war in AfghanistanSino-Soviet border conflict

Question 2: The planned joint Soviet, East German and Czechoslovak attack under the pretext of the ________ military exercise 'Soyuz-80' was set to start on December 8, 1980.
Iron CurtainWarsaw PactComeconEastern Bloc

Question 3: However, the East German and Czechoslovak communist leaders, ________ and Gustáv Husák, were enthusiastic about forced suppression of Solidarity along the lines of the previous crackdowns.
Willy BrandtHelmut KohlWalter UlbrichtErich Honecker

Question 4: The aging Soviet leader ________ agreed with Honecker and Husák, leaning towards intervention.
Mikhail GorbachevJoseph StalinLeonid BrezhnevYuri Andropov

Question 5: The Polish political crisis of 1980-1981, associated with the emergence of the Solidarity mass movement in Poland, challenged the Soviet control over the satellite countries of the ________.
Eastern BlocIron CurtainBerlin WallJoseph Stalin

Question 6: It was headed by senior Communist Party ideologist Mikhail Suslov and included: KGB chairman Yury Andropov, foreign minister Andrei Gromyko and defense minister ________.
Dmitriy UstinovGeorgy ZhukovAleksandr VasilevskyJoseph Stalin

Question 7: [1] On August 25 a special commission was created in ________ to formulate policy towards the latest developments in Poland.


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