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Soviet occupations: Quiz


Question 1: In February 1946 a provisional government called the North Korean Provisional People's Committee was formed under ________.
Mao ZedongJoseph StalinKim Il-sungCold War

Question 2: In the Baltic states — ________, Latvia and Lithuania —, occupations were initiated by the Soviet Union pressuring all three to accept Soviet military bases, threatening to attack immediately in case of refusal.

Question 3: In the brief time after the occupation, which had put an end to any hope that ________ had created, about 100,000 people fled Czechoslovakia.
Prague SpringComeconEastern BlocIron Curtain

Question 4: Under the ________, the alliance of Soviet Union and Nazi Germany designated Poland to be split in two in their joint invasion of Poland.
Molotov–Ribbentrop PactEastern BlocJoseph StalinWinter War

Question 5: Some Communist countries created after World War II, such as ________ and Yugoslavia, were not occupied by Soviet forces, although their leaders had been approved by Joseph Stalin.
AlbaniaSerbiaCroatiaBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 6: Soviet troops (the ________) were stationed in Poland from 1945 till 1993.
Hungarian Revolution of 1956People's Republic of PolandNorthern Group of ForcesSzczecin

Question 7: The purpose of the invasion was to secure Iranian oil fields and ensure supply lines (see Persian Corridor) for the Soviets fighting against ________ on the Eastern Front.
Adolf HitlerNazismAxis powersNazi Germany

Question 8: They organised a massive military airlift into ________, involving an estimated 280 transport aircraft and 3 divisions of almost 8,500 men each.

Question 9: However, Soviet Union military intervened in several instances, as during the ________, the Prague Spring, and the Soviet war in Afganistan
Hungarian Revolution of 1956Joseph StalinGeorge MarshallHarry S. Truman

Question 10: In the territories occupied by the Soviet Union in the ________, they set up the Finnish Democratic Republic (Finnish: Suomen kansanvaltainen tasavalta), a short-lived Soviet puppet regime.
Karelia (historical province of Finland)Åland IslandsFinlandKarelian Isthmus

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