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Soviet occupation of Hungary: Quiz


Question 1: The Soviet occupation of ________, followed the defeat of Hungary in World War II, lasted for 45 years ending in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union [1] [2]

Question 2: [7] According to Fedor Burlatsky, a Kremlin insider, Soviet Premier ________ had Nagy executed, "as a lesson to all other leaders in socialist countries."[8]
Boris YeltsinJoseph StalinJohn F. KennedyNikita Khrushchev

Question 3: In spite of a written safe conduct of free passage by János Kádár, on 22 November 1956, Nagy was arrested by the Soviet forces as he was leaving the Yugoslav Embassy, and taken to Snagov, ________.

Question 4: Peter Hargitai, 29 October 2006: Budapest is a riot!, at the embassy of Hungary in the ________
PhilippinesUnited StatesAlaskaCanada

Question 5: The ________ liberated the Soviet territory, and advanced westward from its borders to defeat Germany and its allies.
RussiaEastern Front (World War II)Red ArmySoviet Armed Forces

Question 6: In the wake of the ________, the Soviet troops - the Southern Group of Forces - started leaving Hungary.
Mikhail GorbachevBerlin WallCollapse of the Soviet Union (1985–1991)Revolutions of 1989

Question 7: The crushing of the Hungarian Revolution strengthened Soviet control over the ________.
Joseph StalinIron CurtainBerlin WallEastern Bloc

Question 8: Hungarian forces fought shoulder to shoulder with the Wehrmacht, and advanced through Soviet Ukraine, deep into ________, all the way to Stalingrad.
Russian cultureUnited StatesMoscowRussia

Question 9: The Soviets had ________ replaced as Prime Minister of Hungary with János Kádár, the leader of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party.
Cold WarImre NagyJoseph StalinYuri Andropov

Question 10: In July 1941, ________, a member of Tripartite Pact, took part in Operation Barbarossa, in alliance with Nazi Germany.


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