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Soviet calendar: Quiz


Question 1: The official conversion to non-continuous schedules was decreed by the CPC of the ________ somewhat later, on 23 November 1931.
Soviet UnionJoseph StalinEast GermanyRussia

Question 2: Although the traditional seven-day ________ was still recognized, a day of rest on Sunday was replaced by one day of rest sometime during each work week.
Gregorian calendarIslamic calendarWeekCalendar

Question 3: On 2 December 1918 several ________ holidays, during which work was prohibited, were decreed.
Vladimir LeninBolshevikRussian Social Democratic Labour PartyMenshevik

Question 4: The Soviet calendar added five- and six-day work weeks between 1929 and 1940 to the ________ adopted by Russia in 1918.
Gregorian calendarIslamic calendarJulian calendarTime

Question 5: 18 March – Day of the ________ (1871)
Commune (socialism)Paris CommuneAnarchismMikhail Bakunin

Question 6: Each day of the five-day week was labeled by either one of five colors or a ________ from I to V.
LatinRoman RepublicRoman Republican currencyRoman numerals

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