Soviet Union: Quiz


Question 1: He turned the powers that until then were vested in the presidency over to ________, president of Russia.
Mikhail GorbachevRonald ReaganBoris YeltsinPerestroika

Question 2:
Which is the largest city in Soviet Union?

Question 3: [11] This conflict ended with a decisive Soviet victory, contributing to the unconditional ________ and the end of World war II.
Comfort womenUnit 731Surrender of JapanAtomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Question 4: The period of legal uncertainty continued throughout 1991 as constituent republics slowly became ________ independent.
United KingdomMoroccoUnited StatesDe facto

Question 5: After Stalingrad, Soviet forces drove through Eastern Europe to ________ before Germany surrendered in 1945.

Question 6: Soviet troops intervened in the ________ and cited the Brezhnev Doctrine, the Soviet counterpart to the U.S.
Harry S. TrumanGeorge MarshallHungarian Revolution of 1956Joseph Stalin

Question 7: Although ravaged by the war, the Soviet Union emerged victorious from the conflict and became an acknowledged military ________.
SuperpowerHistorical powersGreat powerPotential superpowers

Question 8: [22] The economy of the Soviet Union was the modern world's first ________.
Libertarian socialismSocialist economicsSocialismPlanned economy

Question 9: In industry, the state assumed control over all existing enterprises and undertook an intensive program of ________; in agriculture collective farms were established all over the country.
Islamic Golden AgePovertyIndustrialisationIndustrial Revolution

Question 10: Social unrest continued and was aggravated during ________ by military defeat and food shortages in major cities.
Western Front (World War I)World War IArmenian GenocideCaucasus Campaign


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