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Sovereignty: Quiz


Question 1: See also self-ownership and ________.
Individualist anarchismSelf-ownershipNegative libertyAnarcho-capitalism

Question 2: The key element of sovereignty in the legalistic sense is that of exclusivity of ________.
Forum non conveniensForum shoppingJurisdictionLis alibi pendens

Question 3: Supporting this is their belief that the concept of nation-states, based on the ________, is also outdated and should be abolished.
Thirty Years' WarHoly Roman EmpirePeace of WestphaliaArchdiocese of Bremen

Question 4: The government of ________ was in a similar situation vis-à-vis the Iraqi occupation of its country during 1990-1991.
QatarUnited Arab EmiratesSaudi ArabiaKuwait

Question 5: Whether state sovereignty is superior to the sovereignty of the national government or vice versa determines whether the country is considered a federation (such as the United States) or a confederation (such as the ________).
IroquoisMohawk nationSeneca nationFrench and Indian War

Question 6: Likewise, it is inalienable – Rousseau condemned the distinction between the origin and the exercise of sovereignty, a distinction upon which ________ or representative democracy are founded.
Absolute monarchyConstitutional monarchyFederationRepublic

Question 7: ________ are typically based on belief in the divine right of kings.
Absolute monarchyDemocracyRepublicConstitutional monarchy

Question 8: ________, claiming the right of self-determination, often establish sovereign states for themselves, thus creating nation-states.
Ethnic groupLawNationNation state

Question 9: Nagan and Craig Hammer of the Levine College of Law, ________
History of the University of FloridaFlorida GatorsFlorida State UniversityUniversity of Florida

Question 10: In some cases, the title sovereign is not just a generic term, but an actual (part of the) formal style of a ________.
MonarchyUnited KingdomMonarchHead of state

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