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Sovereign state: Quiz


Question 1: ________ defined the state as the institution used by the ruling class of a country to maintain the conditions of its rule.
Jeremy BenthamMarxismSocialismKarl Marx

Question 2: State refers to the set of governing and supportive institutions that have sovereignty over a definite territory and ________.
Population growthWorld populationOverpopulationPopulation

Question 3: ________ used the term simply to mean a governing organization.
Leo TolstoyPeter KropotkinMikhail BakuninNestor Makhno

Question 4: ________ denotes a people who are believed to or deemed to share common customs, origins, and history.
Nation stateNationLawEthnic group

Question 5: According to ________, the state is an organization with an effective monopoly on the use of legitimate violence in a particular geographic area.
Karl MarxSocialismAustrian SchoolMax Weber

Question 6: ________, the state in sociology and political science
Civil societyLawState (polity)Democracy

Question 7: Most sovereign states are states de jure and ________ (i.e.
United StatesUnited KingdomDe factoMorocco

Question 8: A sovereign state (commonly simply referred to as a state) is a political association with effective internal and external ________ over a geographic area and population which is not dependent on, or subject to any other power or state.

Question 9: ________ (by formation date)
List of country name etymologiesList of sovereign statesList of official languages by stateList of adjectival and demonymic forms of place names

Question 10: For a list of all 203 states, see the ________ page.Thus meaning that the HRH Queen Elizabeth I would be the head of stare for these nations.
List of country name etymologiesList of adjectival and demonymic forms of place namesList of sovereign statesList of official languages by state


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