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Southern and Northern Dynasties: Quiz


Question 1: Emperor Xiaowen also moved the capital city from Pingcheng to one of China's old imperial sites, ________, which had been the capital during the earlier Eastern Han and Western Jin dynasties.

Question 2: Under the later waning leadership of the Chen Dynasty, the southern Chinese were unable to resist the military power amassed in the north by Yang Jian after he defeated his rival General ________.
Yuchi JiongWei XiaokuanYuwen XianYuwen Tai

Question 3: The Southern and Northern Dynasties (Chinese: pinyin: nánběicháo; 420589 ________) was a period in the history of China, following the Jin Dynasty (265–420) and followed by the Sui Dynasty.
Julian calendarGregorian calendarByzantine calendarAnno Domini

Question 4: A strong navy on the ________ could protect the south from the north, since cavalry was almost useless in the mountainous riverlands.
JiangsuHubeiShanghaiYangtze River

Question 5: The Jin were supplanted by the Liu Song (420479 AD), the Southern Qi (479502 AD), the ________ (502557 AD), and then the Chen Dynasty (557589 AD).
Liu Song DynastyLiang DynastyNorthern ZhouSouthern and Northern Dynasties

Question 6: In the first half of the ________ (386534 AD), the Xianbei steppe tribesmen who dominated northern China kept a policy of strict social distinction between them and their Chinese subjects.
Gao HuanYuwen TaiNorthern WeiSouthern and Northern Dynasties

Question 7: The authority of the last official Liang Dynasty ruler, Emperor Jing of Liang, was usurped by one of its own successful military generals, Chen Baxian, crowned as ________ in 557 AD.
Emperor Wen of ChenEmperor Xuan of ChenEmperor Wenxuan of Northern QiEmperor Wu of Chen

Question 8: However it was also a time of flourishing in the arts and culture, advancement in technology, and the spread of foreign Mahayana Buddhism and native ________.
TaoismTaoPantheismEast Asian religions

Question 9: Advances in medicine, ________, mathematics, and cartography are also noted by historians.

Question 10: Distinctive ________ was also matured during this time and shaped by the northern and southern dynasties alike.
XuanzangBodhidharmaBuddhism in ChinaGuan Yin


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