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Southern Italy: Quiz


Question 1: Until the ________ conquests of the 11th and 12th centuries much of the South followed Eastern rite (Greek) Christianity.
NormandyEnglandNormansCnut the Great

Question 2: The latter established several Islamic states in southern Italy, such as the Emirate of Sicily and ________.
Emirate of BariLombardsLambert I of SpoletoByzantine navy

Question 3: The Normans who settled in ________ and Southern Italy in the Middle Ages significantly impacted the architecture, religion and high culture of the region.

Question 4: ________, Taranto, Reggio Calabria, Foggia and Salerno are the next largest cities in the area.

Question 5: Later, Southern Italy was subjected to rule by the new European nation states, first ________, then Spain and Austria.
Castile and LeónAndalusiaAragonCatalonia

Question 6: He raised the south to kingdom status in 1130, calling it the ________.
Timeline of Maltese historyKingdom of the Two SiciliesKingdom of SicilyMalta

Question 7: ________ would be the second largest city if one includes Sicily as part of southern Italy.

Question 8: The largest city of Southern Italy is ________, a title it has historically maintained for centuries.

Question 9: [4][5] Sardinia is culturally and historically close to Central and Northern Italy, as it was part of the Kingdom of Sardinia, and related to the Maritime Republics of ________ and Pisa).

Question 10: Hereafter, until the union in ________, the kingdom was split between the principalities of Naples on the mainland and of Sicily over the island.

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