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Southern Brown Kiwi: Quiz


Question 1: They utilize this, more than sight and sound, to forage in dirt for invertebrates, including earthworms, beetle larvae, snails, spiders, ________, and orthoptera.

Question 2: [5] Brush-tailed possums, Trichosurus vulpecula, and stoats, ________, will eat the eggs, while stoats and cats will eat chicks and juveniles.
Red PandaBrown BearStoatRed Fox

Question 3: [4] The Southern Brown Kiwi belongs to the ________ family and it is a ratite, and a member of the order Struthioniformes.
KiwiBirdMoaGreat Spotted Kiwi

Question 4: The ________ population is stable due to the lack of these predators,[1] however stoats may have colonized the island in 2000.
New ZealandSouthland RegionStewart Island/RakiuraSouth Island

Question 5: ________.
ExtinctionConservation statusEndangered speciesIUCN Red List

Question 6: It is a ________ species and once paired up, they will defend their territories with warning calls.

Question 7: On the North Island, they are mainly in Northland and ________ with scattered pockets elsewhere.
Taranaki RegionWaikato RegionSouth IslandManawatu-Wanganui Region

Question 8: The Southern Brown Kiwi, Tokoeka, or Common kiwi,[2] Apteryx australis, is a species of kiwi from ________'s South Island.
New ZealandNauruUnited KingdomAustralia

Question 9: On the ________, they live in Fiordland and Westland.
DunedinNew ZealandChristchurchSouth Island

Question 10: In 2000, after being recognized by ________, they were placed in the Vulnerable status group.
ExtinctionInternational Union for Conservation of NatureEndangered speciesConservation status


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