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Southern African Large Telescope: Quiz


Question 1: The official opening by President ________ took place during the inauguration ceremony on 10 November 2005.
Steve BikoNelson MandelaJacob ZumaThabo Mbeki

Question 2: In March 2004, installation of the massive ________ began.

Question 3: The rest was contributed by the other partners - ________, Poland, the United States, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Question 4: Korea and ________ have telescopes at the site and South Africa has at least five optical telescopes there.
United KingdomCambodiaCanadaJapan

Question 5: It is a facility of the ________, the national optical observatory of South Africa.
South African Astronomical ObservatoryCape TownSouthern African Large TelescopeUnion Observatory

Question 6: SALT is the largest optical telescope in the ________.
MaldivesSouthern HemisphereMozambiqueSouth Africa

Question 7: SALT is located on a hilltop in a nature reserve 370 km (230 miles) north-east of ________, near the small town of Sutherland.
BloemfonteinSouth AfricaPretoriaCape Town

Question 8: The University of Birmingham has a solar telescope to help monitor the ________ around the clock.
StarEarthSunSolar System

Question 9: [4] The main driver for these changes were desired improvements to the telescope's ________.
EyeField of viewCrop factorAngle of view

Question 10: SALT will probe quasars and enable scientists to view stars and galaxies a billion times too faint to be seen by the ________.
Naked eyeVenusAstronomyOrion Nebula


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