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South Pole: Quiz


Question 1:
Where is South Pole?
the South Pole
41 Vereyskaya str. Moscow, Russia, 121471

Question 2: For this reason, directions at the Pole are given relative to "grid north", which points northwards along the ________.
1st meridian west5th meridian westPrime Meridian1st meridian east

Question 3: Scott, accompanied by ________ and Edward Wilson, set out with the aim of travelling as far south as possible, and on 31 December 1902, reached 82°16′ S.
Imperial Trans-Antarctic ExpeditionErnest ShackletonRobert Falcon ScottAntarctica

Question 4: The ________ of the South Pole are usually given simply as 90°S, since its longitude is geometrically undefined and irrelevant.
Prime MeridianGeographic coordinate systemLatitudeWorld Geodetic System

Question 5: It is located a short distance from the Geographic South Pole, and consists of a metallic sphere on a plinth, surrounded by the flags of the ________ signatory states.
Amundsen-Scott South Pole StationVostok StationAntarctic Treaty SystemAntarctica

Question 6: Situated on the continent of Antarctica, it is the site of the United States ________, which was established in 1956 and has been permanently staffed since that year.
Vostok StationAmundsen-Scott South Pole StationPalmer StationMcMurdo Station

Question 7: [12] (The lowest recorded anywhere on earth was −89.2 °C (−128.6 °F) at ________ on July 21, 1983.)
McMurdo StationVostok StationPalmer StationAmundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Question 8: On December 30, 1989, Arved Fuchs and ________ were the first to reach the South Pole without animal or motorised help, using only skis and the help of wind.
HimalayasShishapangmaReinhold MessnerMount Everest

Question 9: US Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, with the assistance of his first pilot ________, became the first person to fly over the South Pole on November 29, 1929.
Bernt BalchenNorwayNorwegian AmericanCanada

Question 10: The US ________ was established by air over 1956–1957 for the International Geophysical Year and has been continuously staffed since then by research and support personnel.
McMurdo StationPalmer StationAmundsen-Scott South Pole StationVostok Station

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