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South Caucasus: Quiz


Question 1: The Transcaucasus, or South Caucasus area, is a part of the entire ________ geographical region that essentially divides the Eurasian transcontinent into two.
EuropeGeorgia (country)AzerbaijanCaucasus

Question 2: Transcaucasia, in particular where modern day Georgia and Armenia are located, is one of the native areas of the wine producing vine ________.
GrapeInternational Grape Genome ProgramViticultureVitis vinifera

Question 3: All of ________ is in Southern Caucasus; the majority of Georgia and Azerbaijan, including the exclave of Naxçivan, fall within this area.

Question 4: Several wars, including the ________, Ossetian-Georgian conflict, and the Nagorno-Karabakh war have been waged in this region.
Second Chechen War1991 Soviet coup d'état attemptFirst Chechen War2008 South Ossetia war

Question 5: Located on the peripheries of Turkey, ________ and Russia, the region has been an arena for political, military, religious, and cultural rivalries and expansionism for centuries.
AzerbaijanIran–Iraq WarIranIraq

Question 6: The region would later be conquered by the Seljuks, ________, local Turkic dynasties until the establishment of Safavid dynasty in 1501.
BorjiginMongolsKalmyk peopleMonguor

Question 7: Ancient kingdoms of the region included ________, Albania, and Iberia, among others.

Question 8: These kingdoms were later incorporated into various empires, including ________, Parthian Empire, Sassanid Empire, during which Zoroastrianism followed by Eastern Christianity became the dominant religions in the region.
Alexander the GreatSeleucid EmpireAchaemenid EmpireMedes

Question 9: The countries of the region are producers of oil, manganese ore, tea, ________, and wine.
CitrusOrange (fruit)CitronGrapefruit

Question 10: From that time till the mid-19th century, South Caucasus remained in ________ domain, except for the brief period in 17th century when it came under Ottoman control.
Safavid dynastySassanid EmpireGreat Seljuq EmpireTimurid dynasty


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