South Carolina: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the capital of South Carolina?

Question 2: ________, 1964 Olympic heavyweight champion and the world heavyweight champ 1970-73; fought Muhammad Ali for the heavyweight title three times.
Otto von PoratGeorge ForemanJoe FrazierTeófilo Stevenson

Question 3:
What are people from South Carolina known as?
Bu00E9grollais, Bu00E9grollaise
Transu00E9ennes, Transu00E9ens
South Carolinian

Question 4:
What is the motto of South Carolina?
Animis opibusque paratiu2020
"Sapere Aude"
Achieving Excellence Since 1897

Question 5: Under Radical reconstruction (1867–1877), a Republican coalition of freedmen, ________ and scalawags was in control, supported by Union Army forces.
American Civil WarLittle Rock, ArkansasUnited StatesCarpetbagger

Question 6: NASCAR racing was born in the South, and South Carolina has in the past hosted some very important NASCAR races, at the ________.
Darlington RacewayPhoenix International RacewayDaytona International SpeedwayAtlanta Motor Speedway

Question 7:
How long is South Carolina?

Question 8:
Who played centre in the South Carolina?
Oswego County, New York
South Carolina
Midland County, Texas

Question 9:
In terms of elevation, what is the lowest place in South Carolina?
of Wabash River
Atlantic Ocean
Sea level
Colorado River

Question 10: ________, recording artist for Definitive Jux Records, grew up in Columbia and graduated Richland Northeast High School in 2001.
Dream, ExtinguishedDanny!Danny! discographyJust Friends (2009 song)

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