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South Armagh Sniper (1990–1997): Quiz


Question 1: [16] In August 1986, another M82 had been sent in pieces from Chicago to ________, where the rifle was re-assembled.

Question 2: Nationalist Parties:
Sinn Féin
Social Democratic & Labour Party
Workers Party of Ireland
Republican Sinn Féin
Irish Republican Socialist PartySocialist Workers Party (Ireland)Fianna FáilSocialist Party (Ireland)

Question 3: The Highway Code style sign Sniper at work, mounted by the IRA near Crossmaglen became an ________ of the Republican cause.
Byzantine EmpireByzantine IconoclasmHagia SophiaIcon

Question 4: [22] The last serviceman killed by snipers at South Armagh, Lance Bombardier Stephen Restorick, was also the last British soldier to die during ________, on 12 February 1997.
Provisional Irish Republican Army campaign 1969–1997Omagh bombingThe TroublesBloody Sunday (1972)

Question 5: The ________ Armalite rifle became the weapon of choice for IRA members at this time.
Armalite AR-18AR-10Heckler & Koch HK416M16 rifle

Question 6: [31] The ________ of that time starting calling the sniper 'Goldfinger' or 'Terminator', the nicknames current in Crossmaglen's bars.
The Sun (newspaper)The TimesBroadsheetTabloid

Question 7: [18] A Barrett M90 rifle was seized,[42] which ________ and intelligence reports linked only to the 1997 shootings.
Forensic scienceForensic anthropologyCSI effectForensic entomology

Question 8: Meanwhile, the British Army assessment about ________ asserts that the IRA sniping skills often did not match those expected from a well trained sniper.
The TroublesSouth Armagh Sniper (1990–1997)Bloody Sunday (1972)Operation Banner

Question 9: [21] Harnden recalls a Belgian ________ rifle recovered by the Gardaí near Inniskeen in 1998 as the possible source of those attacks.
Bren light machine gunLee-EnfieldBrowning Hi-PowerFN FAL

Question 10: Restorick's killing resulted in a public outcry; ________ called his death "tragic" and wrote a letter of condolence to his mother.
Sinn FéinGerry AdamsPeter Robinson (politician)Northern Ireland Assembly


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