South America: Quiz


Question 1: ^ Continent Model: In some parts of the world South America is viewed as a subcontinent of ________[48][49] (a single continent in these areas), for example Latin America, Latin Europe, and Iran.
AmericasCaribbeanNorth AmericaAmericas (terminology)

Question 2:
What is the metropolitican population of South America?

Question 3: Descendants of Indigenous peoples, such as the Quechua and ________, or the Urarina[20] of Amazonia make up the majority of the population in Bolivia and Peru.
Afro ChileanAymara ethnic groupQuechuasImmigration to Chile

Question 4: At the Altiplano, Tiahuanaco or ________ (100 BC – 1200 AD, Bolivia) managed a large commercial network based on religion.
TeotihuacanWari cultureInca EmpireTiwanaku

Question 5:
Which of the following languages is spoken in South America?

Question 6: [7] This new political organization known as ________ seeks to establish free movement of people, economic development, a common defense policy and the elimination of tariffs.
ASEANUnion of South American NationsSouth Asian Association for Regional CooperationCommunity of Latin American and Caribbean States

Question 7: Because of histories of high ________ in nearly all South American countries, interest rates remain high and investment remains low.
InflationMoneyEconomicsKeynesian economics

Question 8: Some of the most famous genres include cumbia from Colombia, samba and ________ from Brazil, and tango from Argentina and Uruguay.
Latin jazzBossa novaJazzJazz standard

Question 9: Other islands are the Galápagos islands that belong to Ecuador and Easter Island (in Oceania but belongs to ________), Robinson Crusoe Island, Chiloé, and the Tierra del Fuego.

Question 10: Regions in South America include the Andean States, the Guianas, the Southern Cone, and ________ which is the largest country by far, in both area and population.
BrazilMozambiqueEast TimorPortugal

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