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South African Border War: Quiz


Question 1: In the late 1960s a special police counter insurgency unit named Koevoet (________ for Crowbar) was formed.
AfrikaansDutch languageEnglish languageZulu language

Question 2: ________
South Africa under apartheidForeign relations of South AfricaSouth Africa and weapons of mass destructionNuclear proliferation

Question 3: The ________ – agreements to give effect to these decisions – were drawn up for signature at UN headquarters in New York in December 1988.
Angolan Civil WarPieter Willem BothaTripartite Accord (Angola)South Africa under apartheid

Question 4: [6] A unit of the South African Police (SAP) – supported by ________ (SAAF) helicopters – exchanged fire with SWAPO forces.
2 Squadron SAAFSouth African Air ForceAtlas Cheetah16 Squadron SAAF

Question 5: They formally applied to the United Nations in ________ for this, but was refused, because of the fact that the indigenous people had not been adequately consulted.

Question 6: In 1966, a number of SWAPO bases had been established in neighbouring ________.

Question 7: In ________ South Africa invaded and conquered the then German South-West Africa on behalf of the Allied Forces.
September 29January 119151970

Question 8: In late 1966 UNITA joined the fight against the Angolan colonial power of ________, who were already in conflict with the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) and the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA).
East TimorPortugalSpainGreece

Question 9: Commandant Dick Lord, public lecture, ________, 14 December 2001.
University of Cape TownStellenbosch UniversityUniversity of ZululandNelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Question 10: A bilateral agreement between Cuba and Angola was signed at UN headquarters in ________ on 22 December 1988.
New York CityNew York metropolitan areaManhattanBrooklyn


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