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South Africa under apartheid: Quiz


Question 1: Activists
Equity television programming ban
Rock WerchterBenefit concertNelson Mandela 70th Birthday TributeLive Aid

Question 2: The state of emergency continued until 1990, when it was lifted by State President ________.
Nelson MandelaFrederik Willem de KlerkThabo MbekiMangosuthu Buthelezi

Question 3: [citation needed] ________, homosexuality, and sex education were also restricted;[citation needed] abortion was legal only in cases of rape or if the mother's life was threatened.
AbortionAbortifacientAbortion lawFetal rights

Question 4: The British colonial rulers introduced a system of Pass Laws in the ________ and Colony of Natal during the 19th century.
Cape ColonyAnguillaSaint HelenaZulu Kingdom

Question 5: In 1974, resistance to apartheid was encouraged by Portugal's withdrawal from Mozambique and ________, after the 1974 Carnation Revolution.
Guinea-BissauCape VerdeSão Tomé and PríncipeAngola

Question 6: An assassination attempt on Zimbabwean President ________ on December 18, 1981.
Kenneth KaundaThabo MbekiMorgan TsvangiraiRobert Mugabe

Question 7: By 1966, SWAPO launched guerilla raids from neighbouring countries against South Africa's occupation of South-West Africa/________.

Question 8: In addition, leaders of the above homelands became important defenders of apartheid, such as Kaiser Matanzima, Bantu Holomisa, Oupa Gqozo, Lucas Mangope and ________.
Pieter MulderGareth Morgan (politician)Lulama XingwanaMangosuthu Buthelezi

Question 9: In later years, the Xhosa national unit was broken further down into the ________ and Ciskei.
South AfricaTranskeiVendaBophuthatswana

Question 10: The racial groups or national units that were intended to become "homelands" were North-Sotho, South-Sotho, Tswana, Zulu, Swazi, ________, Tsonga and Venda.
XhosaAnglo-AfricanAfrikanerWhite South African

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