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South Africa: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the leader of South Africa called?

Question 2:
What is the top level internet domain of South Africa?

Question 3:
Which of the following is an officially recognised ethnic group in South Africa?
Bugis, others
9% Black
9.1% White

Question 4: [94] Groups of refugees and asylum seekers numbering over 10,000 included people from Zimbabwe (48,400), The Democratic Republic of the Congo (24,800), and ________ (12,900).
Somali peopleSudanSomalilandSomalia

Question 5:
The population density of South Africa: How many people are there per square kilometre?

Question 6: ________ won most recently, in 2002, for his pioneering work in molecular biology.
Jack W. SzostakSydney BrennerJohn E. SulstonH. Robert Horvitz

Question 7: [23] Shaka’s depredations led indirectly to the ________ (“Crushing”) that devastated the inland plateau in the early 1820s.
Zulu KingdomLesothoMfecaneZimbabwe

Question 8:
What is the capital of South Africa?
Cape Town
not applicable

Question 9: During the 1830s, approximately 12,000 Boers (later known as Voortrekkers), departed from the ________, where they had been subjected to British control.
Cape ColonyZulu KingdomBritish EmpireSaint Helena

Question 10:

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