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Question 1: David A. Wheeler studied the ________ distribution of the Linux operating system, and reported that Red Hat Linux version 7.1 (released April 2001) contained over 30 million physical SLOC.
389 Directory ServerRPM Package ManagerRed HatGlobal File System

Question 2: Source lines of code (SLOC) is a software metric used to measure the size of a software program by counting the number of lines in the text of the program's ________.
Source codeProgramming languageEmacsAssembly language

Question 3: Advent of GUI Tools: With the advent of GUI-based programming languages and tools such as ________, programmers can write relatively little code and achieve high levels of functionality.
Visual BasicVisual Basic for ApplicationsVisual Basic .NETASP.NET

Question 4: According to Vincent Maraia[1], the SLOC values for various operating systems in ________'s Windows NT product line are as follows:
Microsoft WindowsMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoftInternet Explorer

Question 5: For this reason, security focused systems such as ________ grow much more slowly than other systems such as Windows and Linux.
Berkeley Software DistributionUnixNetBSDOpenBSD

Question 6: Many useful comparisons involve only the ________ of lines of code in a project.
Orders of magnitude (length)Order of magnitudeOrders of magnitude (temperature)Orders of magnitude (numbers)

Question 7: The following example shows a comparison of a ________ written in C, and the same program written in COBOL - a language known for being particularly verbose.
ComputerProgramming languageHello world programCanterbury Corpus

Question 8: Logical SLOC attempts to measure the number of "statements", but their specific definitions are tied to specific computer languages (one simple logical SLOC measure for C-like ________ is the number of statement-terminating semicolons).
Imperative programmingProgramming languageProgramming paradigmFunctional programming

Question 9: At the time that people began using SLOC as a metric, the most commonly used languages, such as ________ and assembler, were line-oriented languages.
Programming paradigmFortranC (programming language)Programming language

Question 10: These languages were developed at the time when ________ were the main form of data entry for programming.
Punched cardUnit record equipmentComputerComputer data storage

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