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Question 1: Furthermore, when ________ released the Xbox in 2001, it featured an option allowing users to customize the soundtrack for certain games by ripping a CD to the hard-drive.
MicrosoftMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft WindowsInternet Explorer

Question 2: As ________ access became more widespread, a similar practice developed of accompanying a printed work with a downloadable theme song, rather than a complete and physically published album.
InternetE-mailInternet Relay ChatWorld Wide Web

Question 3: The first musical film to have a commercially issued soundtrack album was MGM’s film biography of Show Boat composer ________, Till the Clouds Roll By.
Jerome KernMusical theatreFred AstaireIrving Berlin

Question 4: The theme songs for Nextwave[4], Runaways[5], ________, Dinosaur Comics and Killroy and Tina are examples of this.
AchewoodEast Palo Alto, CaliforniaUnited KingdomStanford University

Question 5: The 1968 ________ film of Romeo and Juliet was issued as a 4-LP set, as a single LP with musical and dialogue excerpts, and as an album containing only the film's musical score.
Pagliacci (1982 film)La Traviata (1983 film)Franco ZeffirelliBrother Sun, Sister Moon

Question 6: Rob Hubbard and Martin Galway were early composers of music specifically for video games for the 1980s ________ computer.
Commodore SX-64Commodore VIC-20Commodore 64Commodore 128

Question 7: ________ also issued a 2-LP set what was virtually all the dialogue from the film soundtrack of A Man for All Seasons.
RCA RecordsSony Music EntertainmentSony BMGColumbia Records

Question 8: ________ was an early and important composer for Nintendo games.
Koji KondoNintendo Entertainment Analysis and DevelopmentSuper Mario Bros.Shigeru Miyamoto

Question 9: While ________ were nearly universally used for action happening in the game, music to accompany the gameplay was a later development.
Sound effectDigital audio editorSynthesizerAudio signal processing

Question 10: A soundtrack for ________'s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings was composed by Craig Russell for the San Luis Obispo Youth Symphony.
Beowulf: The Monsters and the CriticsJ. R. R. Tolkien's influencesJ. R. R. TolkienBeowulf and the Critics

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