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Question 1: [1] The freefall part of the flight is an elliptic trajectory with vertical major axis allowing the payload to appear to hover near its ________.
ApsisOrbital periodStandard gravitational parameterOrbital eccentricity

Question 2: ________ company Rocket Lab is developing the highly adaptable Atea series of sounding rockets to carry 5-70 kg payloads to altitudes of 250 km or greater
New ZealandAustraliaUnited KingdomNauru

Question 3: Microgravity Research, which benefits from a few minutes of ________ on rockets launched to altitudes of a few hundred kilometers
ForceWeightlessnessNASAInternational Space Station

Question 4: 30 years of sounding rocket launches at Esrange in ________, Sweden
20th centuryKirunaKiruna MunicipalityLuleƄ

Question 5: Ultraviolet and ________, which require being above the bulk of the Earth's atmosphere
Solar X-ray astronomyStellar X-ray astronomyAstrophysical X-ray sourceX-ray astronomy

Question 6: ________ operated its first sounding rocket in February 2007
Space and Upper Atmosphere Research CommissionIranian Space AgencyNASAHuman spaceflight

Question 7: TEXUS and MiniTEXUS, German rocket programmes at Esrange for DLR and ________ microgravity research programmes
Space RaceCNESItalian Space AgencyEuropean Space Agency

Question 8: [3] The rocket consumes its fuel on the first stage of the rising part of the flight, then separates and falls away, leaving the payload to complete the arc and return to the ground under a ________.
ParachuteUnited StatesParachutingAircraft

Question 9: A common sounding rocket consists of a ________ motor and a science payload.
Spacecraft propulsionLiquid-fuel rocketHybrid rocketSolid-fuel rocket

Question 10: A sounding rocket, sometimes called a research rocket, is an instrument-carrying ________ designed to take measurements and perform scientific experiments during its sub-orbital flight.
RocketSpacecraft propulsionSpace explorationSpace Race

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