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Question 1: The sounding boards of some instruments have unique names, such as plate, or belly (the latter in a ________).
Playing the violinMusical styles (violin)ViolinCello

Question 2: In a grand ________, the sounding board is a large horizontal plate at the bottom of the case.
PianoPercussion instrumentTimpaniVibraphone

Question 3: The ________ has a sounding board below the strings.
IrelandUnited KingdomEnglandHarp

Question 4: The sounding board or soundboard is the part of a ________ that transmits the vibrations of the strings to the air, greatly increasing the loudness of sound over that of the string alone.
Musical instrumentViolinString instrumentGuqin

Question 5: Sounding boards are traditionally made of wood (see tonewood), though other materials can be used, such as skin or plastic on instruments in the ________ family.
Old-time musicBanjoCountry musicBluegrass music

Question 6: Wood sounding boards typically have sound holes in them with different shapes depending on the instrument: round in ________, f-holes in violin family instruments, rosettes in lutes, and so on.
GuitarBass guitarClassical guitarElectric guitar

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