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Soundgarden: Quiz


Question 1: It was a bizarre thing."[27] The band would go on to play the 1992 ________ tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, and Ministry, among others.
LollapaloozaThe BamboozlePukkelpopVote for Change

Question 2:
Which of the following genres does Soundgarden produce?

Question 3: He then worked briefly with ________ on the band's 1998 album, Adore.
The Smashing PumpkinsZeitgeist (The Smashing Pumpkins album)Billy CorganMellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Question 4:
Who of the following is a current member of Soundgarden?

Question 5:
Soundgarden name is associated with which of these acts?

Question 6:
What years was Soundgarden active?
1980s u2013 present

Question 7: Soundgarden is an American rock band formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1984 by lead singer and drummer ________, lead guitarist Kim Thayil, and bassist Hiro Yamamoto.
Madonna (entertainer)You Know My NameChris CornellAlicia Keys

Question 8:
Which of the following titles did Soundgarden have?
President of the American Sociological Association
Liviu's Dream
"Burden in My Hand"

Question 9: On January 1, 2010, Cornell alluded to a Soundgarden reunion via his ________, writing: "The 12-year break is over and school is back in session.

Question 10:
Which of the following labels did Soundgarden work with?

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