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Question 1: They all feature the combination of a voicecoil, ________, cone or diaphragm, and a frame or structure.
Magnetic momentMagnetismMagnetic fieldMagnet

Question 2: A ________ sets a threshold where if it is quieter it will not let the signal pass and if it is louder it opens the gate.
In the Air TonightNoise gatePhonographSound recording and reproduction

Question 3: Low-frequency sounds are sent to ________, and middle and high-frequency sounds are typically sent to full-range speaker cabinets.
Horn loudspeakerStudio monitorLoudspeaker enclosureSubwoofer

Question 4: ________ are the heart of a sound reinforcement system.
SynthesizerDigital audio editorSound recording and reproductionMixing console

Question 5: Like most sound reinforcement equipment products, professional amplifiers are designed to be mounted within ________.
19-inch rackBlade serverData centerElectric motor

Question 6: Many types of input transducers can be found in a sound reinforcement system, with ________ being the most commonly used input device.
MicrophoneCentral processing unitHard disk driveSound card

Question 7: However, ________, which are much more efficient, weigh less than, and produce an equivalent power output of class AB amplifiers are commonly used as well.
Low-pass filterElectronic amplifierClass D AmplifierPulse-width modulation

Question 8: In live theater and drama, performers move around onstage, which means that ________ microphones may have to be used.

Question 9: Acoustic enhancement systems include ________ (Lexicon Acoustic Reinforcement and Enhancement System) and SIAP, the System for Improved Acoustic Performance.
LARESMinneapolisRoom acousticsJay Pritzker Pavilion

Question 10: The basic designs were based on commonly known designs and the speaker components were commercial speakers made by JBL, ________, Electro-Voice, and others.
DellAltec LansingAsusAT&T

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