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Sound recording and reproduction: Quiz


Question 1: Technological developments in recording and editing have transformed the record, movie and ________ industries in recent decades.
VideoTelevisionClosed captioningMechanical television

Question 2: ________ in England came out with FFRR (Full Frequency Range Recording) in the 1940s which became internationally accepted and a worldwide standard for higher quality recordings on vinyl records.
Universal Music GroupDeutsche GrammophonMercury RecordsDecca Records

Question 3: The ________, first demonstrated in 1876, used a punched paper scroll that could store an arbitrarily long piece of music.
Mechanical organPiano rollPlayer pianoDigital piano

Question 4: Millard, Andre J., " From Edison to the iPod", UAB Reporter, 2005, ________.
University of Alabama at BirminghamUniversity of Alabama in HuntsvilleUniversity of West AlabamaJacksonville State University

Question 5: Sound files are readily downloaded from the ________ and other sources, and copied onto computers and digital audio players.
InternetInternet Relay ChatE-mailWorld Wide Web

Question 6: The pitch and duration of the notes are then calculated and converted into ________ music files.
Bus (computing)EIA-422Universal Serial BusMusical Instrument Digital Interface

Question 7:
Which of the following titles did Sound recording and reproduction have?
Le Continent des Deux Lunes
Lune de miel
La Lune
Au Clair de la Lune

Question 8: Voice-to-note refers to the capability of personal computers to be able to recognize notes that are sung, hummed, or whistled into a ________.
MicrophoneHard disk driveCentral processing unitSound card

Question 9: The next important innovation was small cartridge based tape systems of which the compact cassette, introduced by the ________ electronics company in 1964 is the best known.
PhilipsTomTomING GroupHeineken International

Question 10: These included sound transducers such as microphones and ________, and various electronic devices such as the mixing desk, designed for the amplification and modification of electrical sound signals.
LoudspeakerLoudspeaker enclosureSubwooferTweeter


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