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Question 1: ________ attempts to match the response of the human ear to pure tones, while C-weighting is used to measure peak sound levels.
A-weightingWeighting filterEqual-loudness contourHealth effects from noise

Question 2: These variants are not recognized as units in the ________.
International System of UnitsMetric systemConversion of unitsSystems of measurement

Question 3: The human ________ is a sound pressure sensitive detector.
EarPenisBreastSensory system

Question 4: The instantaneous sound pressure is the deviation from the local ambient pressure p0 caused by a ________ wave at a given location and given instant in time.
FrequencyParticle velocitySound intensitySound

Question 5: Note: The often used term "intensity of sound pressure" is not correct. Use "magnitude", "strength", "________", or "level" instead.
WaveCrest factorAmplitudeMeasuring instrument

Question 6: When weighted in this way the measurement is referred to as a ________.
Sound pressureParticle velocitySoundFrequency

Question 7: The effective sound pressure is the ________ of the instantaneous sound pressure over a given interval of time (or space).
AverageAlternating currentRoot mean squareArithmetic mean

Question 8: It is measured in ________ (dB) above a standard reference level.
DecibelLogarithmSound pressureNoise (electronics)

Question 9: Sound pressure can be measured using a ________ in air and a hydrophone in water.
MicrophoneHard disk driveSound cardCentral processing unit

Question 10: The ________ (IEC) has defined several weighting schemes.
JapanInternational Electrotechnical CommissionItalyFrance

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