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Sound film: Quiz


Question 1: The following July, Case joined with ________, Hollywood's third largest studio, to found the Fox-Case Corporation.
20th Century FoxFox News ChannelFox Entertainment Group20th Century Fox Television

Question 2: President ________, opera singer Abbie Mitchell, and vaudeville stars such as Phil Baker, Ben Bernie, Eddie Cantor, and Oscar Levant appeared in the firm's pictures.
Calvin CoolidgeGerald FordWilliam ClaflinHerbert Hoover

Question 3: Hollywood, in particular, incorporated sound into a reliable system of ________-based moviemaking, in which the formal possibilities of the new medium were subordinated to the traditional goals of star affirmation and straightforward storytelling.

Question 4: Dialogueless, it contains only a few songs performed by ________.
Richard TauberTenorThomas BeechamThe Bartered Bride

Question 5: Directed by twenty-nine-year-old ________, the movie had its London debut June 21, 1929.
Psycho (1960 film)Vertigo (film)North by NorthwestAlfred Hitchcock

Question 6: [136] The Hindustani Heer Ranjha was produced in ________, Punjab, the following year.
Punjab (Pakistan)KarachiLahoreMultan

Question 7: [46] FBO had come under the effective control of a Western Electric competitor, ________'s RCA division, which was looking to market its new sound-on-film system, Photophone.
VivendiNBCNBC UniversalGeneral Electric

Question 8: [118] ________ became a top star with the synch-sound but dialogueless Seventh Heaven and Sunrise, as did Joan Crawford with the technologically similar Our Dancing Daughters (1928).
Katharine HepburnBette DavisVivien LeighJanet Gaynor

Question 9: "Sound Here and There" essay by composer ________; first published in Der Film, August 1, 1929
Bertolt BrechtDie Verurteilung des LukullusKurt WeillPaul Dessau

Question 10: [1] No agreement was reached, but within a year Edison commissioned the development of the ________, essentially a "peep-show" system, as a visual complement to his cylinder phonograph.
FilmWilliam Kennedy DicksonKinetoscopeThomas Edison

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