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Question 1: Filmmakers were inspired by the ________ of the era.
Thirty-two-bar formSong structure (popular music)Musical formPopular music

Question 2:
When was the Sound design?
December 2008
March 2010
11th century

Question 3: Major British award organizations include the ________.
Laurence Olivier Award for Best Comedy PerformanceLaurence Olivier Award for Most Promising PerformerLaurence Olivier Award for Best ActressLaurence Olivier Awards

Question 4: In motion picture production, a Sound Designer is a member of a ________ responsible for some original aspect of the film's audio track.
Clapper loaderFilm crewFilm directorLighting technician

Question 5: Russolo's treatise, ________, is arguably the first written document on the use of abstract noise in the theatre; he might be called the grandfather of conceptual sound designers.
The Art of NoisesMusicExperimental musical instrumentNoise (music)

Question 6: ________ of groups such as Pink Floyd and The Beatles suggested new modes of storytelling and creative techniques that could be adapted to motion pictures.
Progressive rockRock operaRock musicConcept album

Question 7: Sound system tuning employs various methods including ________, delay, volume, speaker and microphone placement, and in some cases, the addition of new equipment.
Sound reinforcement systemEqualization filterEqualizationLow-pass filter

Question 8: [4] Sixteen years later, ________ used recordings in his London production of Stephen Phillips’ tragedy NERO.
Max BeerbohmBeerbohm familyHerbert Beerbohm TreeHer Majesty's Theatre

Question 9: The first show to fully utilize the MSC specification was the Magic Kingdom Parade at Walt Disney World's ________ in September, 1991.
Magic KingdomTokyo DisneylandDisney's Animal KingdomDisneyland Park (Anaheim)

Question 10: The use of sound to evoke emotion, reflect mood and underscore actions in plays and dances began in ________ times.
PrehistoryStone AgeEarly modern periodAncient history


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