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Question 1: ________ also are mounted on a sound box to enhance their output, particularly bass speakers.
TweeterLoudspeakerSubwooferLoudspeaker enclosure

Question 2: [2] The most notable exceptions are some electrically amplified instruments like the solid body electric guitar or the ________, and the piano which uses only a sound board instead.
JazzEffects unitElectric violinRock music

Question 3: A sound box or sounding box (sometimes written soundbox) is an open chamber in the body of a ________ which alters the instrument's tone quality by modifying the way the instrument resonates.
Classical musicMusical instrumentByzantine lyraMusical notation

Question 4: The sound box typically adds ________ at lower frequencies, enhancing the lower-frequency response of the instrument.
Mechanical resonanceQ factorResonanceResonator

Question 5: A sound box is found in most ________.
ViolinMusical instrumentString instrumentGuqin

Question 6: Drumhead lutes such as the ________ or erhu have at least one open end of the sound box covered with animal skin (or a skin-like acrylic material).
Old-time musicBanjoBluegrass musicCountry music


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