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Soul: Quiz


Question 1:
Soul, Ontology and Metaphysics are all:
Buddhist philosophical concepts Vitalism Metaphysics Hindu philosophical concepts

Question 2: The ________ offers no systematic definition of a soul; various descriptions of the soul exist in classical rabbinic literature.

Question 3: It allows for ________ to prevail, and for the optimisation of balance.

Question 4: See the article ________ for more details.
Ancient Egyptian religionMaatEgyptian pantheonEgyptian soul

Question 5: Some people, who do not necessarily favor organized religion, simply label themselves as "________" and hold that both humans and all other living creatures have souls.
Relationship between religion and scienceSpiritualityAtheismGod

Question 6: He hurried to the store to find that ________ had already sold Bart's soul to another buyer.
Comic Book GuyBart SimpsonHomer SimpsonLisa Simpson

Question 7: ________, in his The Guide for the Perplexed, explained classical rabbinic teaching about the soul through the lens of neo-Aristotelian philosophy, and viewed the soul as a person's developed intellect, which has no substance.
Thomas AquinasAverroesMaimonidesGiovanni Pico della Mirandola

Question 8: Ruach HaKodesh – a state of the soul that makes ________ possible.

Question 9:
Soul, Afterlife and Faith are all:
Christian terms All pages needing cleanup Taoist philosophy Religious belief and doctrine

Question 10: The soul, in some religions, spiritual traditions, and philosophies, is the immaterial or eternal part of a living being, commonly held to be separable in existence from the body—the ________ part as distinct from the physical part.

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