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Sortavala: Quiz


Question 1: It was ceded to ________ after the Ingrian War; the modern town seems to have been founded in 1632.

Question 2: It suffered extensively from mass Soviet bombardment during the Winter War[1], and through the ________ Finland was forced to cede the town to the Soviet Union.
Karelian IsthmusInterim PeaceMoscow Peace TreatyContinuation War

Question 3: Like the rest of Finnish Karelia, Sortavala was retaken by Finland during 1941–1944 (the period of the ________) and most evaquees returned back to rebuild their homes.
Continuation WarVyborg–Petrozavodsk OffensiveEastern Front (World War II)Winter War

Question 4: In 1812, along with the rest of Viipuri province, it was joined to the newly formed ________.
Grand Duchy of FinlandProvinces of the Grand Duchy of FinlandRussian EmpireDiet of Finland

Question 5: Sortavala (Russian: Сортавала Swedish: Sordavala; Finnish: Sortavala) is a town in the Republic of Karelia, Russia, located at the northern tip of ________.
Leningrad OblastNeva RiverLake LadogaKarelian Isthmus

Question 6: It became known for its marble and granite quarries which provided materials necessary for construction of imperial palaces in ________ and the neighbourhood (see also Ruskeala).
Leningrad OblastSaint PetersburgRussiaMoscow

Question 7: In 1917, the town remained a part of independent ________.

Question 8: Until 1940, the Ladoga shore southwest of Sortavala had been one of the very few relatively densely populated areas north of the ________ populated by Karelians.
Continuation WarKarelian IsthmusFinlandViipuri Province


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