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Soria: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ had a population of 39,078 in 2008 - nearly 40% of the population of the province.
Local administrative unitMunicipalityDistrictTownship

Question 2: In the ________ (early 18th century), Soria sided for Philip V.
Battle of BlenheimCapture of GibraltarWar of the Spanish SuccessionBattle of Ramillies

Question 3: San Polo, a former monastery of the ________.
Knights Templar legendsCrusadesKnights TemplarJacques de Molay

Question 4: The area in which they trained, Monte Valonsadero, is now host to the annual Cross Internacional de Soria meeting – one of Spain's most prestigious ________ competitions.
Track and field athleticsMarathonCross country runningHalf marathon

Question 5: In 1195 the town was stormed by Sancho VII of Navarre, but later recovered and continued to develop its splendour and trades, mostly held by a community of ________.
Sephardi JewsJewish ethnic divisionsJewsAntisemitism

Question 6: After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the rebuilt city was occupied by the ________.
AlamanniSuebiGermanic peoplesAngles

Question 7: A few kilometres north of the town are the ruins of Numantia, a ________ town whose inhabitants destroyed it rather than let it fall to Scipio.
Celtic languagesCeltic nationsCeltsCeltiberians

Question 8: the Romanesque convent church of ________ (12th century)
San Juan, Puerto RicoHavanaSanto DomingoMexico City

Question 9: The city's professional football club is called ________.
Real UniónAlbacete BalompiéGirona FCCD Numancia

Question 10: The area of Soria was inhabited by the Iberians, who merged by the Celts to form the ________ around the 4th century BC.
Celtic nationsCeltiberiansCeltic languagesGaul

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