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Question 1: The exact number of Sorani speakers is difficult to determine, but it is generally thought that Sorani is spoken by between seven and twelve million people in Iraq and ________.
Iran–Iraq WarAzerbaijanPakistanIran

Question 2: Mukrî; it is the language spoken in south of ________ with Mehabad as its center including cities: Bokan, Sardasht, Piranshahr, Oshnowiya, Naxede.
Caspian SeaLake VanLake UrmiaIssyk Kul

Question 3: A recent proposal was made for Soranî to be the official language of the ________.
Kurdistan Regional GovernmentErbil GovernorateKurdistan ParliamentIraqi Kurdistan

Question 4: This idea has been favoured by Soranî-speaking ________ but it has disappointed Kurmanjis.
Kurdish peopleIraqIraqi KurdistanAssyrian people

Question 5: Hewlêrî, It is spoken around in the city of Hewlêr (________) in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Akkadian EmpireBaghdadMosulArbil

Question 6: Soranî (Kurdish: سۆرانی‎; also called Central Kurdish) is the name of a Kurdish language that is spoken in Iran and Iraq and such is a member of the ________.
Iranian languagesOssetic languagePersian languagePashto language

Question 7: Sorani Kurdish is written in a modified Arabic script; This is in contrast to the other Kurdish dialect, Kurmanji which is spoken mainly in Turkey and is usually written in the ________.
Runic alphabetArabic alphabetLatin alphabetPhoenician alphabet

Question 8: In Silemani (Sulaymaniyah), the Ottoman Empire had created a secondary school (Rushdíye), the graduates from which could go to ________ to continue to study there.
Turkish peopleAnkaraIstanbulTurkey


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