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Sophocles: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2: Sophocles (pronounced /ˈsɒfəkliːz/ in English; ________ Σοφοκλῆς Sophoklēs, probably pronounced [sopʰoklɛ̂ːs]; c.
Aeolic GreekAttic GreekAncient GreekDoric Greek

Question 3:
What did Sophocles do for a living?
priest, professor, literary critic
Ancient Tragedian

Question 4: Ajax becomes gravely upset when ________’ armor is presented to Odysseus instead of himself.

Question 5:
When did Sophocles die?
ca. July 310
ca. 406 BC
ca 605
ca. 183 BC

Question 6:
When is Sophocles's birthday?
c.497/6 BC
248 BC
ca. 59 BC
14th Century B.C.

Question 7: The Theban plays consist of three plays: Antigone, Oedipus the King (also called Oedipus Tyrannus or Oedipus Rex), and ________.
ApolloOedipus at ColonusCreonPolynices

Question 8:
Which of the following genres does Sophocles produce?
Tragedy and Satyr plays
Drama, tragedy
Drama, Romance, Tragedy, Erotic

Question 9: [31] Fragments of The Progeny (Epigonoi) were discovered in April 2005 by classicists at ________ with the help of infrared technology previously used for satellite imaging.
Oxford Brookes UniversityUniversity of CambridgeUniversity of OxfordUniversity of Southampton

Question 10: His first plays were written later than those of ________ and earlier than those of Euripides.
SophoclesHomerAncient GreeceAeschylus

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