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Sonoma Creek: Quiz


Question 1: As of 2006 this ecosystem has been significantly compromised by fill, levee formation, ________ and other development; estimates generally state that 75 percent of the original biological productivity of the marsh has been destroyed.
Fishing vesselShipDredgingBarge

Question 2: Historically the marsh supported an extremely diverse wetlands ________, with a variety of primary productivity plants including pickleweed, eelgrass and giant bulrush (Scirpus californiens).
Systems ecologyEcosystemEcosystem ecologyEcology

Question 3: The Kenwood area existed in the form of a large marsh effectively blocked by a natural earthen ________ from penetrating the course of the creek as it flows west out of Kenwood toward Glen Ellen.
HydroelectricityDamHydropowerWater turbine

Question 4: In the city of ________ it is an urban creek which emerges into agricultural areas to the south.
Petaluma, CaliforniaSonoma County, CaliforniaSanta Rosa, CaliforniaSonoma, California

Question 5: The State of California Regional Water Quality Control Board considers the most significant water quality parameters in Sonoma Creek to be: turbidity, pathogens and ________.

Question 6: Sediment and nitrates may also enter the stream through urban ________ runoff in the city of Sonoma reach.
Water pollutionStorm drainUrban runoffStormwater

Question 7: A "________", the beaver have created habitat that has, in turn, led to the return of river otter ("Lontra canadensis") which have been sighted recently in the beaver pond below the Boyes Blvd.
Conservation biologyPredationEcosystemKeystone species

Question 8: With the advent of more intensive farming of Sonoma Valley in the latter half of the nineteenth century, the Kenwood Marsh was drained in favor of grazing, vineyards and other ________ uses.
AgricultureIntensive farmingOrganic farmingSustainable agriculture

Question 9: Sonoma Creek is a stream in ________.
Oakland, CaliforniaNorthern CaliforniaSan Francisco Bay AreaSan Jose, California

Question 10: Grape growing and wine production require considerable ________ extraction.


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