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Songbird: Quiz


Question 1:
What phylum does Songbird belong to?

Question 2: Under the ________ this suborder is divided into two "parvorders", Corvida and Passerida (standard taxonomic practice would rank these as infraorders).
Sibley-Ahlquist taxonomy of birdsPasserineLate Quaternary prehistoric birdsBird

Question 3: ________: American blackbirds, New World orioles, grackles and cowbirds.
Red-winged BlackbirdIcteridCuckooPasserine

Question 4: Estrildidae: estrildid finches (________, munias, etc)
Estrildid finchParrotfinchFirefinchEstrilda

Question 5: Corcoracidae: ________ and Apostlebird
Alpine ChoughAustralian MagpieWhite-winged ChoughAustralian Raven

Question 6: Artamidae: woodswallows, butcherbirds, currawongs and ________
Channel-billed CuckooMagpie-larkWillie WagtailAustralian Magpie

Question 7: A songbird is a bird belonging to the suborder Passeri of the ________ (order Passeriformes).

Question 8: The monotonous repetition of the Common Cuckoo or Little Crake can be contrasted with the variety of a Nightingale or ________.
Blyth's Reed-warblerBirdOld World warblerMarsh Warbler

Question 9: This group contains some 4000 species, in which the vocal organ typically is developed in such a way as to produce a diverse and elaborate ________.
OrnithologyBird vocalizationBird migrationBird intelligence

Question 10: Many members of the ________ family make croaks or screeches which sound harsh to humans.
CrowCommon RavenCorvus (genus)Corvidae


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