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Song of Songs: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Bartender #1 the movie Song of Songs?
David J. Wright
Kevin Otto
Dan Dieffenbach
Leonard Clifton

Question 2: The Song of Songs (________, שיר השירים, Shir ha-Shirim), is a book of the Hebrew Bible—one of the five megillot (scrolls).
Mishnaic HebrewSamaritan Hebrew languageBiblical HebrewHebrew language

Question 3:
What proceeded Song of Songs?

Question 4: In Zoharic Kabbalah, God is represented by a system of ten ________, or spheres, each symbolizing a different aspect of God, who is perceived as both male and female.

Question 5:
What role did David J. Wright play in the movie Song of Songs?

Question 6:
What role did Von Schauer play in the movie Song of Songs?
Tow Truck Driver

Question 7: Song of Solomon - 1977 novel by ________, published 1978.
Saul BellowJoseph BrodskyToni MorrisonNadine Gordimer

Question 8: Most traditional Jews also read the Song on the Sabbath of Chol HaMoed of ________, or on the seventh day of the holiday, when the Song of the sea is also read.
PassoverJewish holidayThe Nine DaysShabbat

Question 9: ________ illustrate a line in the Song of Songs 1:5: "I am black, but beautiful, O daughters of Jerusalem ..." This is inscribed in Latin on some: Nigra sum sed formosa.
Shrines to the Virgin MaryBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Blessed Virgin MaryBlack Madonna

Question 10:
Who played Police Officer the movie Song of Songs?
Kevin Otto
Jason Austell
Dan Dieffenbach
Aaron Norvell

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