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Sonderaktion 1005: Quiz


Question 1: These work groups were officially called Leichenkommandos ("corpse units") and were all part of ________ ; inmates were often put in chains in order to prevent escape.
The HolocaustKraków GhettoJewish resistance under Nazi ruleSonderkommando

Question 2: The operation, which was conducted in strict secrecy during 1942-1944, used concentration camps’ prisoners to ________ mass graves and burn the bodies.
DeathDeath and cultureBurialCremation

Question 3: It was after the end of June that SS-Gruppenführer Heinrich Müller, head of the ________ finally gave Blobel his orders.
Heinrich HimmlerAdolf HitlerNazi GermanyGestapo

Question 4: Western Allies trials : ________ •
West German trials : Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials •
Einsatzgruppen TrialKarl Eberhard SchöngarthBruno StreckenbachErich von dem Bach-Zelewski

Question 5: However its start was delayed after Heydrich was assassinated in June 1942 by Czech SOE agents in ________.
Operation AnthropoidOut DistanceAdolf OpálkaPrague uprising

Question 6: While the principal effort was to be erasing evidence of Jewish exterminations, the Aktion would also include non-Jewish victims of Nazi ________.
EinsatzgruppenReinhard HeydrichKarl Eberhard SchöngarthSchutzstaffel

Question 7: The Aktion was overseen by selected squads from the Sicherheitsdienst and ________.

Question 8: In March 1942 SS-Obergruppenführer ________ placed SS-Standartenführer Paul Blobel in charge of Aktion 1005.
SchutzstaffelEinsatzgruppenReinhard HeydrichGeneralplan Ost


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