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Son River: Quiz


Question 1: The channel of the Son is very wide (about 5 km at ________) but the floodplain is narrow, only 3 to 5 km wide.

Question 2: Indrapuri Barrage on Sone River is one of the longest dams in India,[citation needed] located at Dehri on sone, ________, storing a large amount of water.
BiharBihari culturePatnaBihari people

Question 3: Son River (also spelt Sone) (Hindi: सोन नदी) of central India is the largest of the ________' southern tributaries.
Indus RiverGangesYamunaBhagirathi River

Question 4: The Son parallels the Kaimur Range, flowing east-northeast through Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and ________ states to join the Ganges just above Patna.
BiharIndiaBihari peopleBihari culture

Question 5: Geologically, the lower valley of the Son is an extension of the ________, and the Kaimur Range an extension of the Vindhya Range.
Madhya PradeshAgraNarmada RiverSatpura National Park

Question 6: ________ is the major town situated on sone river.

Question 7: In modern times this tendency has been checked with the ________ at Dehri, and now more so with the Indrapuri Barrage.
HydroelectricityWater turbineHydropowerDam


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