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Something Awful: Quiz


Question 1:
What type of company is Something Awful?
Public, ASX: GCM
Limited Liability Company
Public Relations Agency
division of Avaya

Question 2:
Who of the following people founded Something Awful?
David Tarigan
Peter Duke
Lady Eve Balfour, Jorian Jenks et al.
Richard Charles Kyanka

Question 3:
Who of the following is a key person at Something Awful?
Kevin Spence
Richard Kyanka, Zack Parsons, David Thorpe, Kevin Bowen, James Ormrod
Kevin Watts, Director E-Commerce
Kevin Fournier

Question 4: Forum users responded by threatening to perform a ________ attack on SPEWS, although this type of behavior was strongly discouraged by Kyanka and assistant editor Zack Parsons.
E-mailInternetFirewall (computing)Denial-of-service attack

Question 5:
Which of these is a Something Awful product?
Processor IP; Physical IP
Urban Assault
Potash fertilizers

Question 6: On June 4, 2007, website columnist Jon "DocEvil" Hendren wrote "The Art of Wikigroaning",[20] coining the term ________.
History of WikipediaCriticism of WikipediaReliability of WikipediaWikipedia

Question 7:
Where is Something Awful?
Lee's Summit, Missouri,
Church St. between Moulton and Lee Sts., Montgomery, Alabama
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
Cliffside Park-Fort Lee

Question 8:
When was Something Awful founded?
1999 Milan
February 1999

Question 9: On July 12, 2005, David Thorpe—the author of the features Your Band Sucks and Fashion SWAT—"represented" the website on G4's ________.
The Screen SaversTechTVX-PlayAttack of the Show!

Question 10: Since the website's servers were located in ________, the site temporarily went offline in August 2005 during the flooding from Hurricane Katrina.
LouisianaNew Orleans metropolitan areaBaton Rouge, LouisianaNew Orleans

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