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Somersworth, New Hampshire: Quiz


Question 1: For relaxation, workers found entertainment at the Opera House or at Central Park, an ________ beside Willand Pond.
PennsylvaniaShoot-the-ChutesAmusement parkLog flume (attraction)

Question 2: Though much of its architectural character has been overlooked due to the prominence of the larger neighboring cities of Dover and Rochester, Somersworth has several buildings that feature hints of ________.
TorontoVictorian architectureGothic Revival architectureRenaissance Revival architecture

Question 3: Situated where the Salmon Falls River drops 100 feet (30 m) over a mile, Somersworth early became a mill town, beginning with ________ and sawmills.
WatermillGristmillWater wheelIslamic Golden Age

Question 4: The ________ sent many regional textile firms into bankruptcy, when some local facilities were adapted for shoemaking.
Great DepressionFederal Reserve SystemRepublican Party (United States)United States

Question 5: As of the ________[2] of 2000, there were 11,477 people, 4,687 households, and 3,079 families residing in the city.

Question 6: The upper end of High Street, however, continues to develop as a retail center with several ________ chain stores.
Wal-MartDepartment storeBig-box storeHypermarket

Question 7: Labor was also cheaper in the South, which did not have New Hampshire's inventory tax that levied commodities like ________ and cotton at the plants.
Wind powerCoalGrid energy storageHydroelectricity

Question 8: The ________ arrived in the early 1840s, before which goods were carted to Dover.
Rail transportTrain stationTrainTransport

Question 9: A gate house at the dam directed water as needed, regulating the flow either into the river or a company ________, which itself had gates sending it under the mill.
InfrastructureLeveeLock (water transport)Canal

Question 10: John Sullivan, ________ general
American RevolutionNew York and New Jersey campaignSaratoga campaignAmerican Revolutionary War


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