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Question 1: In particular, there are populations of somatostatin neurons in the arcuate nucleus, the ________, and the brainstem nucleus of the solitary tract.
HippocampusCingulate gyrusDentate gyrusCerebrum

Question 2: Somatostatin is produced by neuroendocrine neurons of the periventricular nucleus of the ________.
HypothalamusPineal glandPosterior pituitaryPituitary gland

Question 3: It is indicated for symptomatic treatment of carcinoid syndrome, acute variceal bleeding, and ________.
Growth hormone deficiencyHypopituitarismAcromegalyAddison's disease

Question 4: Somatostatin has two active forms produced by alternative cleavage of a single preproprotein: one of 14 ________, the other of 28 amino acids.
Amino acidAmino acid synthesisL-DOPAMetabolism

Question 5: Somatostatin is classified as an ________ hormone,[1] whose actions are spread to different parts of the body:
Long-term potentiationInhibitory postsynaptic potentialExcitatory postsynaptic potentialLong-term depression

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