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Somatosensory system: Quiz


Question 1: The somatosensory system is spread through all major parts of a ________'s body (and other vertebrates).
PrimateMammalEven-toed ungulateMammal classification

Question 2: The system reacts to diverse stimuli using different receptors: thermoreceptors, ________ and chemoreceptors.
PainNervous systemMechanoreceptorNociceptor

Question 3: One major target within the ________ is the postcentral gyrus in the cerebral cortex.
DigestionBrainNervous systemSensory system

Question 4: Somatosensory information involved with proprioception and posture also targets an entirely different part of the brain, the ________.
Human brainRhombencephalonWhite matterCerebellum

Question 5: The mapping of the body surfaces in the brain is called a ________ and is essential in the creation of a body image.
AlchemyRosicrucianismHomunculusAleister Crowley

Question 6: For example, slow, thin, unmyelinated neurones conduct pain whereas faster, thicker, ________ neurones conduct casual touch.
OligodendrocyteNervous systemMyelinSchwann cell

Question 7: The sensory receptors cover the skin and epithelia, skeletal muscles, ________ and joints, internal organs, and the cardiovascular system.
Human skullBoneHuman skeletonHead and neck anatomy

Question 8: The ________ of many of these neurones terminate in the thalamus (for example the ventral posterior nucleus, VPN), others terminate in the reticular system or the cerebellum.
Nervous systemAlpha motor neuronAxonSchwann cell

Question 9: It consists both of sensory receptors and sensory (afferent) neurons in the periphery (skin, muscle and organs for example), to deeper neurones within the ________.
Grey matterCentral nervous systemWhite matterAlpha motor neuron

Question 10: Processing primarily occurs in the primary somatosensory area in the parietal lobe of the ________.
Cerebral cortexCerebrumGrey matterHuman brain


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