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Somatic Experiencing: Quiz


Question 1: Somatic Experiencing uses procedural elements that have been said to work anecdotally, but have yet to be subjected to a ________ study.
Blind experimentRandomized controlled trialCrossover studyOdds ratio

Question 2: [3] (p.255-256) , much as is done in ________'s Focusing.
Eugene GendlinAmerican philosophyPhilosophyCarl Rogers

Question 3: Practitioners of Somatic Experiencing are often also ________, Rolfers or BodyWorkers.
PsychotherapyFamily therapyIntegrative psychotherapyCognitive behavioral therapy

Question 4: The theory postulates that the symptoms of trauma are the effect of a dysregulation of the ________ (ANS).
Autonomic nervous systemNerveParasympathetic nervous systemSympathetic nervous system


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