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Question 1: The inquiry ran until ________ when it was cut short by the government in the months before the 1997 election.

Question 2: In 1992, Somalia was in the middle of both famine and civil war, and the country was largely embroiled in anarchy and domination by warlords, following the collapse of ________'s Marxist government.
Gamal Abdel NasserMuammar al-GaddafiSiad BarreMobutu Sese Seko

Question 3: [4] Canadian forces, under the name Operation Deliverance, were sent to Somalia to participate in the American-led ________.
Gulf WarKorean WarIraq WarUnified Task Force

Question 4: After ________ Marsh discovered the missing fuel pump, he suggested installing a large searchlight atop a tower to deter thieves.
CorporalWarrant OfficerSergeantPrivate (rank)

Question 5: On February 10 they fired on a crowd approaching a ________ distribution centre.
Magen David AdomAustrian Red CrossInternational Red Cross and Red Crescent MovementAmerican Red Cross

Question 6: With the loss of the bridge, the only way around was through a partially-cleared ________.
Cluster bombLand mineTrench warfareBunker

Question 7: Major Mills about "a long dragged out howl" heard from the vicinity of the bunker, but MacDonald refused to stop playing ________ to investigate.
Game BoyGame Boy AdvanceGame Boy ColorGame Boy line

Question 8: The event would not have been reported, except that ________ John Brewin read out an anonymous letter he had received from a soldier about witnessing the "execution" of a Somali civilian on March 4.
UnicameralismBicameralismParliamentary systemMember of Parliament

Question 9: The Airborne had long been seen as the elite of the Canadian Forces, and in 1974 had performed admirably in combat operations in ________ as well as later peacekeeping tours there.

Question 10: There had been recurring discipline problems, and an ongoing investigation into their base of ________ as a hotbed of white supremacist activity in 2 Commando.
CFB Moose JawCFB Goose BayBlack Forest AirportCFB Petawawa

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